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Causes of office accidents · Slips, trips and falls over loose cables, open drawers and boxes are common. · Lifting and other manual handling injuries can result. No matter how careful you are or how safe your work environment is, a workplace accident is bound to happen to someone sooner or later. Accidents can occur anywhere. However, when they occur in the workplace, an entirely unique set of legal circumstances may apply. On-the-job injuries run.

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Whether they are catastrophic or due to repetitive stress, workplace injuries can cause long-term pain, disability or wrongful death. Exposure to toxins and. Defectively-manufactured equipment: Some workplace accidents are the result of failures by the tools or equipment with which workers do their jobs. For example. Responding to an injury For serious or life threatening injuries: On campus, For small injuries that need immediate care: Workplace Safety Program.

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Regardless of what type of work you do, accidents happen all the time in the workplace. All too often, a mishap can result in serious injuries that will. Common Causes Of Office Workplace Accidents Slip, trip and fall accidents on the same level may be the most common cause of workplace non-fatal injuries. Thankfully, most incidents are not major, and sufferers make a full recovery. But if the accident could have been prevented, your employer may be negligent in.