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The thermal conductivity of water at 20°C is approximately W/m-K. Additional Information. The thermal conductivity of some of the important materials is. Clicking on the first link in a quick google search for thermal conductivity of common materials takes you to the engineering toolbox. A: thermal conductivity of aqueous NaCl solution.: thermal conductivity of water. AhJ m: concentration, mol a1 i ty. T: temperature, O C.

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T = temperature, ρ = density, μ = dynamic viscosity, cp = specific heat, k = thermal conductivity,. Pr = Prandtl number, β = volume expansion coefficient. According to the literature “New International Formulation for the Thermal Conductivity of H2O”, the thermal conductivity of water at 20 °C is W/m·K. An equation for the thermal conductivity of water and steam is formulated in the temperature range from 0 to °C and in the pressure range from the triple.

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Water possesses highest density at 0C temperature and thus highest thermal conductivity. Generally, for pure water pH is 7 at a particular temperature and. Thermal Conductivity ; Ice. ; Glass,ordinary. ; Concrete. ; Water at 20° C · ; Asbestos. Therefore, you will get a more severe burn from boiling water than from hot tap water. Conversely, if the temperatures are the same, the net heat transfer.