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Albothyl Vaginalzäpfchen, 6 items (vaginal suppositories), buy now at Apotheke Marienbrunn and have them delivered. Albothyl Vaginalzäpfchen helps with Haut. effect of cryosurgery and albothyl solution in cases of cervical erosion after ruling out CIN3 and malignancy by. Pap www.irmanioradze.ru study the efficacy and time. ALBOTHYL CONCENTRATE SOLUTION mg/g - POLICRESULEN - TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS (ASIA PACIFIC) PTE.

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Special Notes: Albothyl brings about stimulation of the healing process. There is no reason to be anxious when necrotic tissue, even in large quantities, is. Colposcopic Evaluation of the Role of Albothyl (Polycresulin) in the. Treatment of Cervical Erosion. Dubey Preeti, Kapoor A, Singh V.K. Albothyl Vaginal Suppositories 6'S. QAR USES: FOR GYNECOLOGICAL INFECTIONS. | Be the first to write the review. Men's size.

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Treatment of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia by 5-Fluorouracil, Interferon or Albothyl in the Presence/Absence of High-Risk of Human Papillomavirus. posts. Top posts. posts. ALBOTHYL KONSENTRATE 10ml Merupakan cairan Hemostatik dan antiseptik pada erosi serviks atau servisitis. Harga. Albothyl Vaginal Suppository is used for Gynecological infections, Inflammations of tissues, Hemorrhoids and other conditions. Albothyl Vaginal Suppository.