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Chimney sweeps usually advise that chimneys ought to be cleaned after a period of prolonged disuse (over the summer for example). Many also advise that chimneys. Wire chimney brush. The best method for cleaning your chimney is scraping it with a wire chimney brush. The brush may seem expensive, but for people who burn a. Chimney sweeping is an essential part of owning and using a real fire or stove. A good chimney sweep is vital to keep your chimney and appliance clean and.

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With some sweeps offering little more in terms of a sweeping service by passing an old worn out brush once up a chimney and calling themselves a professional. A working chimney needs to be swept at least once each year. Soot poses a fire risk and will restrict gasses from escaping freely. FIND OUT MORE. It has a different name because the combustion byproducts that travel up a chimney flue are more caustic and challenging to remove. A chimney sweeping or.

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Chimney fires burn extremely hot, often reaching temperatures up to c. Sweeping regularly removes this flammable build up, ensuring hot air and gasses can. Sweeping your chimney is a vital part of owning a wood-burning or multifuel stove or fireplace. A regular sweep is essential for getting rid of any deposits. In a healthy chimney, deposits should come off easily when a tight-fitting sweeping brush is used to rod the flue: if they don't, it is a clear warning signal.